August 18, 2017

Taurus Monthly Horoscope October 2017

Taurus October 2017 Predictions

Retrograde activity increases on the 4th to 30 per cent of the planets, although this is a temporary state. Jupiter starts to retrograde on the 4th and will be this way to the end of the year. Your spouse, partner or current love needs to be more cautious in financial matters now, and new deals, investments or major purchases need careful homework – especially the ones that seem ‘no brainers’. For you it indicates that you need to read the small print very carefully when buying insurance or borrowing money. Any elective surgical operations would be better delayed this month.

On the 23rd you enter a yearly social peak, but it is a social peak in the midst of a difficult love year. Still, it brings some respite. Singles are dating more and attending more parties – in fact all of you are attending more parties and social gatherings now. But marriage is not likely for singles, nor is it advisable. With Saturn moving into your 7th house on the 5th, you begin to reduce the scope of your social life. Love life, marriage, friendships are all going to be reordered and reorganized now and for the next two years. All of you seem more cautious in love matters. Yes, you are going out more, but you are cautious about falling in love. You are looking for relationships that have ‘staying power’ and this takes time to determine.

This month the planets shift from the lower sector to the upper sector of the Horoscope. By now, you have found your point of emotional harmony and the family situation is more or less in order. Now it is time to focus on the career. Overt moves are not advisable just yet, as Uranus is still retrograde, but you should get ready to make those moves. It is like waking up from a good night’s sleep. Your day is just starting and you are doing the preliminaries, preparing for the day ahead.

Health is still good, but now that Saturn is making a stressful aspect, your energy is not what it was previously. If you organize your day better, delegate and outsource wherever possible, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. After the 23rd though, rest and relax more. Don’t be embarrassed to take a nap when you feel tired. Enhance your health by giving more attention to the heart (from the 5th onwards), the small intestine (from the 3rd to the 28th), and the kidneys and hips (from the 28th onwards). Your health planet spends most of the month in your 5th house of fun and creativity (from the 3rd to the 28th), so just being happy will improve your health. If you feel under the weather do some fun kind of activity: have a night out on the town or get involved in something creative and you will feel much better.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope October 2017

Gemini October 2017 Predictions

On the 23rd of last month, the Sun entered your 5th house initiating another yearly personal pleasure peak. This continues until the 23rd of this month. With Jupiter in your own sign since June 11 you are already in a fun kind of period and personal pleasure and fun kinds of activities increase even more. This is a very happy month. Health is good now. Energy is abundant. It is hard to say whether your ‘up’ mood and fun times are producing your good health or vice versa. Probably a little bit of both is true. Physical exercise, head and face massage, is still powerful until the 7th. On the 5th Saturn will enter your 6th house of health and stay there for the next two to three years. Thus back and knee massage will also be powerful. Detox regimes are good for the long term. Surgery may have been recommended to you but don’t be so quick to jump in – you have this tendency now; get a second opinion.

Though health is good, you seem more involved here this month. Your 6th house becomes very powerful after the 23rd. Most likely you are focused on healthy lifestyles and health regimes – preventive-type measures.

On the 3rd Venus crosses from the Eastern sector to the Western sector of the Horoscope. Up till now, the planets have been more or less balanced in the East and the West and so you have neither been overly dependent on others, or overly independent. But now the Western sector is dominant and so you find yourself more dependent on others than usual. Sometimes this is a good thing. We develop social skills under these aspects. We appreciate others more and their needs. We learn more about ourselves though our interactions with others and through our relationships. Being in control has its charms, but not being in control has other charms.

Most likely there have been job changes recently and the month ahead seems fortunate for job seekers, especially after the 23rd. Job seekers benefit from the ‘standard methods’ of job hunting now – the media, the wanted ads, letter writing and family connections.

Love has been super all year. On the 4th your love planet starts to retrograde so a breather is in order. This is a time to review your relationship (and general social activity) and see where improvements can be made. Avoid major love decisions, one way or another right now.